The Enchanted World of Emilily

Emilily, a young 8 year-old girl who just arrived in the neighbourhood is not the kind of girl to be intimidated by rumors. However, all the children agree, a terrible witch is living in the house at the top of the hill. Emilily wants to be sure about that rumor and decides to enter the house.

She meets Eglantine, a wacky old but lovely witch. Emilily, after much cajoling, convinces the witch to take her on as an apprentice. The tradition must be continued…In this house full of mystery, the young girl will learn how to use magic, encounter a ghost, a talking cat and dancing plants.

Format :

26 x 11′

Genre :

Animation, Comedy, Adventure

Target Audience :

4 to 7

Statut :

In development

Production :

Syon Media (CA), All In One Production (FR)