Stories From Backwoods

Rooney is a city raccoon with a curious nose that always sniffs its way into trouble. This time it had really messed up…Rooney found herself in the forest of Backwoods, a long long way from home. Luckily she bumps into Hare, whose favourite thing to do is help people…whether they’ve asked for it or not. Hare is a very loud and very bouncy knowit-all, who loves to be with others. Rooney is quiet, with a fierce independent streak. These two couldn’t be more different, but Hare could never miss an opportunity to show off his forest home and Rooney is totally out of her comfort zone, so they decide to be friends.


52 x 11’


Animation, Comedy, Adventure


Kids (4-8)


In development


 Ink and Light Films [IE], Syon Media [CA]